H Md Khasim
Story of H Mohammed Khasim Saheb
Spreading Love for Fragrances
What began as a momentary interest in the lingering aura of perfumes, became a vibrant journey into the perfume and agarbatti manufacturing industry.

My Great Grandfather dedicated his youthful years in providing an educating environment around fragrances which began with the venture into the agarbatti trade. It slowly evolved into more than a century worth of fragrant memories and experiences.

Today, I, Ameen Ambreen I., proudly carry forward his passion and heritage, with the support of my parents, husband, children, and the entire family!

How we are different

100+ Years of Heritage

1910 belongs to the family of H Mohammed Khasim Saheb who first stepped into the incense industry in 1910

Long Lasting fragrances

The concentrated fragrances hold a harmony of natural scents that smell better as they age and linger around for a long time.

Luxury Packing

Every single packaging reflects a touch of heritage and royalty centered around the gift of your choice.

We Specialize in

At 1910, every Attar offers a splendid experience with heady scents aged to the perfect intensity. Pick your choice from the layered aromas and indulge in the traditional ambiance of a century old legacy.
Home Fragrances
Nothing uplifts your personal living space better than the ethnic Home Fragrances from 1910. Delight in a Shahi atmosphere with our distinctly aromatic Incense sticks, Bakhoor, Dhoop, and more!
Luxury Gifting
1910 brings to you a symphony of fragrant beauty with it's Luxury Gifting option. Keeping the aromatic romance alive has never been easier with the custom creation of a Luxury Gift of your choice.

What others have to say!

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Abdul Muizz

Best Gift Ever!💯💯💯 My parents absolutely loved this! Thank you!!! The dhoop flavour "Laila" is really amazing and the fragrance was long lasting and the house was smelling so fresh!❤❤❤

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Aliya Laveen

Loved the fragrance of Dhoop and Mehraj.

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Daniya Tabassum

Amazing long lasting fragrances! Best solution for luxury gifting!